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GreenAfzar Company, with its expert team,can design any custom website without any restrictions

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GreenAfzar Company has the most specialized Ones

GreenAfzar specialties

GreenAfzar team, with its young and dynamic employees, tries to be more up-to-date and experienced in the following specialties in order to improve the services to you, dear customers.

Design a variety of sites with reasonable or customized prices

Design and development of mobile applications

Digital Marketing

Network and security

Design a corporate, store, art, news and personal website with your favorite platform

Common types of CMS for Website design

We suggest you first get acquainted with the cms available in the digital marketing market and then decide



It can be said that WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used cms in the world right now, which has made site design very simple ...



One of the flagships of free cms that has many fans is Joomla, which has its advantages and disadvantages compared to its other competitors ...



Drupal is one of the most powerful cms. However, working with it is not easy for many designers and not everyone can work with it ...



Due to the fact that all these known cms have limitations, you can request a custom project ...

GreenAfzar after-sales service and support team will always be with you

Programming and SEO team

GreenAfzar Digital Marketing Services

Which includes site design, site optimization, content placement, use of social networks, creating advertising camps, motion graphic teasers, etc.

Web Design

Today, one of the most effective ways to accredit a business is to have a website on the Internet, the lack of which is one of the reasons for business failure.


Website optimization (internal SEO and external SEO) in order to be better seen by search engines is called SEO, which includes techniques that are completely mastered by the Green Software team.


You can have a strong and permanent relationship with customers by having attractive, useful and business-related content, and Greenware, with its content team, can help you in this direction.

Social Networks

Another tool for recognition on the Internet is the use of social networks that can attract a large audience with appropriate content and marketing.


GreenAfzar graphics team is able to perform a variety of graphic projects, including motion graphics and advertising teasers, banner and professional business card design, template design, etc.

Mobile Application

Today, due to the daily use of smartphones, mobile applications have a special place in the business, and recently tab apps, especially Android, have become very hot.

The quality of our work

Some portfolio of the web design team

In this section, you can see some examples of the site design team. Due to the terms of some contracts, we are exempt from placing many portfolios.


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